FAT LOSS and Meal Timing

Fat loss - when the heck should I eat?

It's a common misconception that we need to be eating a million times a day in order to increase our metabolism and burn more fat.

First of all, let's talk about who is looking to burn more fat? If you are looking to lose weight or even just "tone up"…you're looking to decrease the excess fat you have on your body. 

Watch my latest live video (or just listen - you don't need to see my face) as I get into how to tap into your fat stores to use them up as energy. We're discussing meal timing (when and how often) and we nerd out on what insulin is and the role it plays in fat storage and fat loss. It's a pretty unknown concept to most. Definitely worth the 35 minutes if fat loss is on your agenda!

Here's a quick summary:

1) Insulin is a fat-storage hormone that helps us carry sugar into our cells to use as energy. Whatever we don't use gets stored as fat to use at a later time.

2) If insulin remains elevated, our bodies remain in fat storage mode and do not switch over to fat burning mode.

3) Lowering insulin is what allows us to switch over to fat burning mode. We can lower our insulin by focusing on nutrition upgrades and timing our meals properly (hint: eating every 2 hours will not allow your insulin levels to come down for you to enter fat-burning mode).

Watch or listen to the video for lots more details and for the 3 tips I share at the end so you can get going on your fat loss goals right away!!

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Metabolism article (with Dr. Axe)!

Hey guys,

Check this out…


I didn't pick this picture!! :-)

But, I did get to write alongside one of my favorite writers / educators in the holistic health space… Dr. Axe!

The article all about metabolism came out last week in Glam. If you'd like to find out if we are able to improve our own metabolism (spoiler alert: we can!), you can check out the article right here.

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Wine and Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered what, if anything, your beloved glass of wine at the end of a long & hard day might have to do with your weight loss efforts?

I went live on my Facebook page yesterday to discuss how your (well-deserved!) glass of pinot or merlot is messing with your fat loss efforts.  I know, I know....don't shoot the messenger!

Check out the video if you want to learn the 3 ways alcohol consumption can interfere with your weight management and body composition goals.

What's coming up???

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This free webinar will be hosted inside of my Facebook group, Lean In with Tara Allen Health.  The replay will be made available there as well if you can't make it at that time.  :-)  Join now so you are all ready to watch on Tuesday!

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This one is for the ladies...

Ladies, listen up!  Wanna hear something that is so true and also so unfair?  Our biology is sexist! We may have come very far in the year 2016, but our bodies still think we should be barefoot and pregnant from an early age.  Ugh!  Accordingly, we are super-sensitive to energy deficits (too low-calorie, too low-fat, too low-carb) and nutritional stressors.  The body sees this as a threat to reproductive success!

“Nope, no babies during a famine. Let’s make your hormones all funky, make you become resistant to weight loss, lower your metabolism, and make you fatigued”.
— Your body (if you've ever yo-yo dieted or taken in far too few calories for your needs.

Ok, so what does this mean for YOU?  It means you have to make small, incremental, sustainable changes.  It means you focus on the 'long game' just like your body does so it doesn't see the changes as a threat, but more like a new and comfy norm.  It probably means the results you see won't happen as quickly as you'd like, but it's the only way you can make a lasting change.  It also means your goals must creep into many different aspects of your life - nutrition, movement, stress management, relationships, self-confidence, feelings of fulfillment.  ALL areas of your life affect your relationship to your environment, your food, and the way you treat yourself.

So, that's why you can't just cut soda out and lose 10 pounds like your husband did.  (I actually get asked some version of that question just about every week).

Ladies - respect your biology, but please continue kicking butt and taking names in a very 2016-ish way.  <3


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