THE Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hey all,

How was your Thanksgiving?  We had a great time making memories, eating food, seeing family...ya know, checking all the boxes.  ;-)

Truth be told, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  I don't eat turkey or go to the parade. I can't even have most of the desserts anymore with my food sensitivities.  BUT, a holiday that we've turned into counting our blessings that also gives us a 4-day weekend together and marks the beginning of the Christmas / New Year's festivities?  Now that's what I'm talking about!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then I hope you saw my post yesterday where I thanked YOU for being in my life.  The support, comments, emojis, questions, and presence I feel and get from you is what makes everything I do so much fun.  If I know you are making and enjoying the recipes I create, I will keep 'em coming!  When I hear that my workouts helped you get healthy, lean, & strong, they'll be more where those came from.  Every message and email where you allow me to step into your world for a moment by sharing something about your health journey is a blessing.  And for that, I'm thankful.

Enough of the sentimental stuff, right?!  You want this recipe!

The chocolate chip cookie is such a staple this time of year during parties, gatherings, and cookie exchanges.  Heck, even Santa stops to nibble as he's stuffing presents under the tree and navigating our chimneys and all.  

This year I set out to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie for my family (and maybe yours?).  It needed to be gluten and dairy free.  No refined sugar.  And, as we came to find out, no coconut oil if I wanted my husband to like them too (and I did!).

So, after countless attempts and notes and crumb-filled counters, I think I nailed it!  Based on the speed at which these disappear, even amongst those that swear they don't eat anything 'healthy', I'd say they pass the test.  

I hope you and your family agree.

Do you plan to make these?  Please let me know!  Share a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag me!  It would make my day.  :-)

In health and holiday cheer,



THE Chocolate Chip Cookie

Makes 36 cookies (plus an extra nibble of the raw cookie dough)



4 cups almond flour

1-cup chocolate chips (choose carefully… or make your own)

1 tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. sea salt

¼ tsp. ginger


½ cup avocado oil

1/3-cup maple syrup

4 tsp. vanilla



1.    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2.    In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients together.

3.    Add wet ingredients to dry and mix until well combined.

4.    Place tablespoon-sized balls onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

5.    Use hands to flatten balls to make cookie shape (these cookies will not change shape much at all when baking).

6.    Bake for 12 minutes (edges should look golden-brown).


***These are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, grain free, and contain no refined sugar!