Will your weight loss and maintenance be THIS HARD forever?!

Hello there, internet friends!  

You ask...I answer.

As a health nerd, you can probably imagine that I get asked lots and lots of questions everyday...from friends, family members, clients, social media peeps, etc.  I do my best to answer them all because I believe your journey is important and I'd like to help you feel empowered to make the changes you're after.  

Many of these questions are verrrrrry similar, if not downright the same - verbatim.  THESE kinds of questions jump out to me as things I would like to address here for you.  If so many of you are concerned with the same topic, it's worth doin' a blog post for!

Weight loss is something so many of you are chasing.  It can be intimidating, daunting, defeating.  It can be a buzzing that's always in the background.  It can also be liberating when done right - healthfully and sustainably!  And yet, you want to know how long you'll have to pour what seems like every waking breath thinking about your food, your social plans, when you're going to workout, etc.

Watch this video I did a few days ago to answer your question: Will my weight loss and maintenance be THIS HARD forever?!.

Spoiler alert>>> It won't.  ;-)