Body positivity + 5 affirmations

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Hey guys,

Real change starts with acceptance.

While that may seem like an oxymoron, it's the absolute truth! Here's the gist...when we come from a place of acceptance, we have more positive emotions.  Positive emotions lead to positive action which leads to positive results.  

The opposite is also true.

You have probably heard me speak to this in the past, as it's so crucial for anything and everything you are looking to accomplish, or change, or just feel more positive about.  I'll sum it up right here for you.

The S.T.E.A.R. Cycle:

Situation --> Thought --> Emotion --> Action (or inaction) --> Result

Wherever your body is at right now, is the situation. It's neutral. When we have a thought (judgment) about the situation, we end up putting a negative or positive spin on it.

Let's just say you aren't feeling so confident about your body these days. You're negatively judging your body and what it means ("I shouldn't weigh ____.", "I hate the way my legs look.")  From these negative thoughts come a negative emotion (example: shame).  Feeling shameful about your body will NOT allow you to take positive actions leading to a positive result.  It just won't. 

Here's the great news.  WE have the power to change our thought patterns over time and with practice.  

Last week, I talked about this in my LIVE, online, weekly workshop.  Not only did I discuss the S.T.E.A.R. Cycle, but I shared 5 affirmations that you can start to use TODAY to ensure that you're feeling (even just a little bit) better about your body by the time January 1st rolls around.

And why is that important?

Because you're beautiful and you deserve to feel that way. :-)

But also, if you will be working towards any kind of health goals in 2019, it's super-duper important that you do so when you're feeling more positive about your body.  

Remember...positive emotions lead to positive actions which lead to positive results - the exact thing you're looking to accomplish.

Check out the video below!

In good health,


P.S. Since there are now FOUR weeks left of 2018 and not 5, I want you to double up on affirmations #1 and #2. Say both of those each day for a week. Next week, move onto affirmation #3 and you’ll be all caught up and get all the same awesomeness as everyone else who saw this video last week. ;-)

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