Low-Glycemic + Anti-Inflammatory Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less


I hope you enjoy this recipe e-book full of low glycemic and anti-inflammatory recipes. Once you check it out, I will add you to my VIP list so you’ll get weekly health information + inspiration and updates. And, because we all know you are a VIP, obviously. ;-)

As a thank you for trusting me with your time and inbox real estate, I’ll be stopping by in a few minutes with an additional gift: a 3-day meal plan (more recipes!) full of nourishing foods to further help you on your health journey. It’s designed for women looking to drop some excess body fat, but I bet you’ll enjoy the delicious meals even if fat loss isn’t a goal of yours. ;-) Fat loss is cool and all, but optimal health is always my ultimate goal for you (and me!).

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P.S. These recipes happen to be plant-based / vegan AND gluten-free. So there’s that.


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